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True Crime Timeline

Jul 2021

067 The Deltona Massacre - XBox Murders

On August 6th, 2004, six people went to sleep in their house on Telford Lane in Deltona. They had no idea they would fall victim to a murderous plot by a man motivated by anger and revenge. 


This is the story of the Deltona Massacre also known as the Xbox Murders. 

Jul 2021

066 The Murder of Michelle Martinko

On December 20, 1979, police found the body of an 18 year old woman in her family’s car that was parked at the Westdale Mall parking lot in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Decades passed, until finally 39 years later, through DNA analysis the killer was brought to justice.


This is the story of Michelle Martinko.

Jul 2021

065 The Disappearance of Lars Mittank

Lars Mittank went to Golden Sands, Bulgaria for a fun vacation. But what was supposed to be a week of relaxing by the beach ended with an event that nobody, to this day, can explain. Because on July 8, 2014, video caught him running from something, and after that he was never seen again. 


This is the story of Lars Mittank.

Jul 2021

064 The Murder of Ryan Poston

On October 12, 2012, shots were heard piercing the silence of the night. When the shots were over a man was dead, murdered by his jealous girlfriend. 


This is the tragic story of Ryan Poston.

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