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True Crime Timeline

Sep 2021

074 The Murder of Raquel Rayas

In 2011, a beautiful young woman was shot and left barely alive in the Deep Creek Spillway in Apple Valley, California. When she later died, it left people wondering who would want her dead.  

This is the story of Raquel Rayas

Sep 2021

073 The Murder of Jarmecca Nikki Whitehead

In January 2010, two twins did the unthinkable by savagely murdering their mother because they didn’t like living by her rules. 

This is the tragic story of Jarmecca Nikki Whitehead.

Aug 2021

072 The Murder of Theresa Andrews

In Ravenna, Ohio, a pregnant woman was abducted and killed for her baby. The murderer was a woman obsessed with becoming a mother, and was going to stop at nothing to get a baby.

This is the story of Theresa Andrews.

Aug 2021

071 The Murder of Jeffrey Wright

On January 18,  2003, in Houston, Texas a man was stabbed 193 times by his wife. Was it premediated murder or was it self defense by a battered woman?


This is the story of Jeffrey Wright.

Aug 2021

070 Serial Killer: Milena Quaglini

Back in the 1990s, three men were murdered in Italy. These three men all had one thing in common. They all had abused the same woman. This is the story of the serial killer named Milena Quaglini.

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