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True Crime Timeline

Jun 2021

063 The Murder of Brenna Morgart

In May 2012, a man noticed a woman jogging down the road. This monster hit the woman with his car, kidnapped her, attempted to rape her, and then murdered her. This is the tragic story of Brenna Morgart.

Jun 2021

062 The Murder of Justin Michael

On May 08, 2014 in Grimes, Iowa a terrible thing happened. A murder fueled by anger, obsession, and jealousy ended the relationship of a couple that were madly in love. This is the story of Justin Michael.

Jun 2021

061 The Eight Immortals Restaurant Murders

On August 4, 1985 an atrocious crime was committed in Macao that resulted in the killing of an entire family inside their restaurant. And this terrible crime started an urban legend that still lives on today. This is the story of the Eight Immortals Restaurant Murders.

Jun 2021

060 The Unsolved Cases of Denise Johnson and Yukari Yokoyama

There are two unsolved cases that hopefully, you can help solve. One involved a woman from North Carolina who was murdered and then left in a house that was set on fire. And the other case involved a young girl from Japan who disappeared from a pachinko parlor. These are the stories of Denise Johnson and Yukari Yokoyama.

Jun 2021

059 The Murder of Taylor Behl

In February 2005 a young girl disappeared from her college campus in Virginia. After her body was found a month later, it was discovered that she was murdered by someone that she thought was a friend. This is the story of Taylor Behl.

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